Thank you Joe, for your hard work as Victorian Team Leader

Changes at the Division have seen a structural change within this frontline ministry.
Brenton Lowe, an LE team leader from WA has been appointed as Literature Ministries Coordinator within the Adventist Media Network and is the one to contact now if your church would like a team visit. ([email protected])
With the restructure, the local team leader position no longer exists. “I have been blessed to serve as leader in the Victorian Conference,” says Joe Paola. “Thank you to all our conference leaders, pastors and church members for your tremendous support over the years. And to my fellow LE’s. We are encouraged by the words of the prophet in Colporteur Ministry, pg 11, “As long as probation continues, there will be opportunity for the canvaser to work.” So many lives have been touched by personal one on one witnessing and we can be confident many more will continue to be touched by a visit from an LE.”
Joe will continue as a full time LE here in Victoria. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his work as a team leader, and wish Brenton all the best in his new role.