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Pavel Goia, editor of Ministry Magazine, recalls one day when the Romanian police called his father, also named Pavel, to the police station.
“We told you to stop building churches and bringing Bibles into the country,” shouted the officer.  Pavel Sr was constantly bringing Bibles from the former Yugoslavia to Communist Romania, hiding them in the car’s double floor. “Now we will shoot you,” the officer said.
Looking into the officer’s eyes, Pavel replied, “Well, to live is an opportunity to serve. It is also a privilege to die for Christ. The next thing I’ll see is Christ. The resurrection, for me, is going to be in just a second.”
“You are crazy!” exclaimed the officer.
“Well,” said Pavel, “in order to serve Christ, you need to be crazy, because, you know, it’s all contrary to human wisdom. Instead of saving, you give. Instead of being proud, you are humble. It’s crazy, but you know, God’s craziness is the power God has.” The officers shook their heads and released him.
“You are crazy,” they kept saying.
To be crazy for the world means to be wise for God and to inherit eternal life! And this is the power God has! The world does not understand what we do, but we do it by faith in His Word! To be faithful to our spouse; to wait until marriage for physical intimacy; to keep the Sabbath; to return tithe and give the Promise—all behaviours that are contrary to our natural impulses and tendencies are evidences that our eyes are fixed far beyond earthly realities!

APPEAL: Let’s be crazy for God today, as we gratefully worship Him by returning our tithes and giving offerings!

PRAYER: Dear Father, please make us crazy for the world and wise for You! Give us the privilege of being partakers in building Your kingdom and saving others! Amen.