The Australian Union Conference (AUC) are producing a transmedia storytelling of the book of Daniel.
Transmedia is a technique of telling a story across multiple platforms and formats. An example of transmedia is the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the stories of each superhero become intertwined in the bigger story of The Avengers.
The Holy Bible is an example of transmedia storytelling. Stories from the Bible have been told through books, fine art, tapestries, stained glass windows, film, television, comics, audio, Internet and social media in different languages and dialects. The Bible exists on multiple platforms in multiple states of being.
Although the stories of Daniel are often depicted in children’s books, they raise issues just as relevant today for people of all ages in any culture.
• What happens when humans are given absolute power?
• How do I live as a follower of Jesus in a culture that is hostile to God?
Daniel answers the big questions that we ask when we leave childhood:
• Who am I?
• Where do I belong?
• Do my choices make a difference?
This project will be an online volunteer collaboration. The AUC is hoping to find creative people who would like to contribute to producing the animated stories of Daniel. Participants will receive free online tuition in drawing, animation, sound and digital film production.
This project, however, is not just for those who can draw. It is hoped that this production will nurture a supportive community where everyone is encouraged to find their creative self-expression. It does not matter how old you are or where you live. You can join in, learn your craft and become a good communicator.
Offerings from today’s 13th Sabbath offering will be directed to this project. If you missed it you can contribute still via eGiving or talk to your treasurer. We are very grateful for your contributions.
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Stephen Gurban