Gino answered the door and his interest was captured. Having reached the ripe age of 81, he was keen to discuss his past health issues and their management. We moved onto the Family Bible and he told how his family would sit around the radio in the evening until the power ran out, and then his mother would read the Bible by candlelight while they listened intently.
It surprised me that he didn’t believe in hell as many Christians do and strongly upheld the commandments, yet he was uncertain if the scriptures were truly reliable. He listened intently as I related the story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and prophecy fulfilment. Then he remarked that he didn’t have the willpower to do what is right to get to heaven. I reassured him that neither did I – Jesus is my source of salvation and strength. I showed him both the Desire of Ages and Great Controversy, asking him to choose one. He accepted Desire of Ages when I said it is one of the most beautiful books on the life of Jesus. Our prayer was one of thanksgiving that God had done everything necessary to save us and a request that He give us both strength to become the people He wanted us to be.
Martin was busily tending to his back garden when I arrived. When I started talking about health, he demanded to know where I was from. Next he wanted to know what Home Health Education Service actually does. I explained the printing and distribution of literature and products pertaining to health and well-being, and without the greatest of confidence I added, “and spiritual well-being.”
Immediately, he wanted to know which religious group the service was affiliated with. At this point all I could think was, “Do I tell him right away, or do I just prolong the conversation until I know why he wants to know?” In the end I just stated plainly, Seventh-day Adventist. Without hesitation he demanded, “Do you have the Great Controversy?”
“Why Great Controversy?” I asked rather curiously. “It’s the best book I have ever read on the history of the Christian church,” he remarked and purchased two copies!

Anna Schlegel
Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.
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