The first weekend in September, the Women’s Ministries Department hosted a virtual retreat.

Starting Friday evening, they explored Christ’s mother, Mary’s expectations, troubles, hopes and joy during key moments of her life.  What was it like, being pregnant while still a virgin?  And giving birth, isolated from her family in a stable?  How did she cope, watching her innocent son suffer at the hands of the Romans.  And how did she find hope in all that uncertainty.

The three programs over the weekend explored these topics with Maree Worker, Sylvia Mendez and Tarnya Garner.  Each session also shared an inspiring testimony and refreshing and spiritual music by music groups from Wantirna and Burwood churches.  During the screenings, viewers were encouraged to participate through online chat forums and invited to text in prayer requests.

It was a really special Sabbath, with a very timely message.  If you would like to view the presentations again, or was unable to attend and would like to see them, they are on the Women’s Ministries page here (scroll to the bottom of the page).