July saw a delegation of close to 40 people from around Victoria attend the Digital Discipleship Conference, hosted by Greater Sydney Conference.  But it didn’t stop there – we now have a passionate team of people meeting regularly and planning ways of impacting the digital space for Christ

Throughout the weekend, the 120 attendees looked deeply into the question of how we can use digital space to share our hope in Jesus Christ.

“After an exciting weekend which, I might add, included early morning runs, late night worships, new friends and a bunch of exciting ideas,” said Simon Gigliotti, Associate Director for VicYouth, “the team from Victoria decided that we can’t leave what we have learnt in Sydney.”  Before returning to their homes, a decision was made to meet again, to pray and brainstorm, with anticipation that God would lead to the next step in using the digital world to reach others for Christ.

The first meeting took place early August, with nearly 30 people, including Pr Wayne Boehm from Hope Channel South Pacific and the Victorian Conference communications team, as well as others who were unable to attend the Digital Discipleship Conference but were passionate about developing Adventist presence in the digital space.  Many exciting ideas were discussed and plans made for a follow up meeting later in August.

“This is a fantastic opportunity,” said VAC coordinator, Sherrie Courtney.  “Meeting together with talented and passionate church members, exploring ways to utilise the combined skills of VicYouth, who sponsored many of the attendees, VAC and our local talent to increase our digital presence to further share God’s love.

“We are truly looking forward to seeing where He takes us in this journey.”

The team has grown further and continues to meet… so stay tuned!  If you would like to be a part of this project, email [email protected] to find out how.