My answer is YES we should still run big camp this year.

As a nurse who is on the front lines to this latest scare tactic; I am well aware of the risks. However it is no higher risk than a flu or gastro outbreak at camp. They are just not as highly publicized. There is currently no cure for the flu or gastro yet we don’t cancel events due to the risk of these viruses spreading. They can have more serious consequences at times than this new virus.

I believe that as Christians we should not be giving into fear. That is exactly what we are doing if we cancel Big Camp. I fully believe that God will bless all that attend camp as he does everytime. I also believe that Satan is using the fear associated with Coronavirus to prevent God’s people from uniting together and worshiping Him at big events. We can’t let Satan win!!

My suggestion:- Run Big Camp!! Anyone who is concerned about attending Big Camp because of this new virus – don’t go and offer a refund to anyone that wants to back out. Provide soap and paper towel for all the toilet facilities and people can bring their stock piled toilet paper, sanitizer (even though it is not effect against viruses only bacteria), tissues and cold/flu tablets, if they wish. Encourage people who have travelled overseas recently to countries of high risk – not to come and anyone who thinks they may have it should also not come.

Some people have had to plan well in advance to be able to attend Big camp this year, others it is the only holiday they get all year, others still it is the only exposure to a big conference event they ever get to go to and some really need the spiritual awakening and enrichment provided at Big camp.  Big Camp means a lot to a lot of people, this is why I believe Satan is trying to stop it and we are making it too easy for him. Please run Big Camp this year!! Yes the threat is there but our God is bigger and I believe He will protect us as we gather together to praise Him.

Please don’t give into fear – I pray God will guide you all in this matter!!

May His will be done – despite the fear