Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and surrounding safety, travel, financial, and visa implications on local and international church entities and members, as well as current government restrictions on public meetings, it is

1. To postpone the 2020 General Conference Session to May 20-25, 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

2. To reduce the number of attendees when the General Conference Session is convened in May 2021, by requiring only delegates (spouses/dependent children), a limited number of technical staff to be present with no invitation extended to special guests.
3. To reduce the number of days for the 2021 General Conference Session from the current ten days to between four and six.
4. To not have exhibits/booths at the 2021 General Conference Session.
5. To not hold any ancillary meetings at the 2021 General Conference Session.
6. To note that the current term of office for officeholders will continue until May 20, 2021, or until their successors in office have been appointed/elected. The subsequent term of office will be for a four-year period and will end when the scheduled 2025 General Conference Session convenes.

Because of the need to reduce the financial and logistical footprint, to be more efficient and effective in the administration and expenditure of church funds, for all future General Conference Sessions, it is
VOTED, To request the General Conference administration, in consultation with divisions, attached unions, and attached fields, to review the current configuration of General Conference Sessions and make recommendations to the General Conference Executive Committee on the following:
1. That the number of delegates to future General Conference Sessions be proportionately reduced.
2. That no special guests be invited to future General Conference Sessions.
3. That the number of days for future General Conference Sessions be limited to between four and six days, including a Sabbath.
4. That no exhibits/booths or ancillary meetings be included at future General Conference Sessions.