Pavilions Retirement Village Project Update

Dignitaries and special guests met together on the Nunwading Estate in July, to celebrate the commencement of works on the Pavilions Blackburn Lake project, with a sod-turning ceremony.
This momentous occasion, over ten years in the making, marked the end of one era and the beginning of the next. Conference President, Pr Graeme Christian spoke to the history of the Estate, the many memories our church members cherish of times spent at Big Camp and of the relationships and friendships made there. Our church use of the site was for the people and he pointed out that while going forward will, of necessity, involve change, the use of the old Nunawading Campground will continue to be for people, but a broader community now.
Galen Gan, Conference Infrastructure Coordinator, spoke of the development having ‘broken the mould’ of traditional retirement villages, by setting a new industry benchmark for village living.
“We wanted to match the Church’s deep experience in promoting wellness and encouraging a holistic healthy lifestyle, with the active and fiercely independent spirit of today’s retirees. We wanted to create a place that brings people together and complements the natural woodlands of our site with beautifully designed residences that provide a sensitive an harmonious link between the indoors and outdoors.”
Very special guest Michael Sukkar MP, Federal Member for Deakin gave credit to the Church for persevering with a vision that has been a long time coming, stating that this was yet another way our Church has contributed to the local community.
Also in attendance, Cr Prue Cutts, City of Whitehorse local councillor, expressed the Council’s appreciation for the thoughtful development and how it valued the state of the art, environmentally sensitive design and the Church’s ongoing commitment to promotion of holistic living in the community.
Following the ground breaking ceremony dignitaries, Conference staff and people who have expressed interest in the development or had already bought in were offered a tour of the site or could simply mingle.
One delighted lady, clearly excited about being there and looking forward to her new home, was heard to tearfully thank PrDarren Croft who was MC for the morning, for opening and closing the proceedings with prayer. A Christian herself, she had not seen this done before and was so grateful.
Please continue to pray for this development which has such a great potential for sharing God’s love to the community on so many levels.

Sherrie Courtney