June saw the annual GROW Conference take place at Camp Howqua. Initially designed for church elders, this conference has itself grown, to incorporate all church leaders. If you have not been to one but hold a leading role in your church, put it in

your calendar for 2019.
First time attendees, Melissa and Adrian Hill from Burwood Church, had this to say about their impressions of the conference.
“We didn’t know what to expect when we signed up but left feeling inspired.  We met elders from various Victorian Conference churches who are at

different stages of their leadership journey: some newly appointed, some had been leading their churches for a decades and another has been elder for 37 years! It was an honour to share faith stories and pray for one another, in an openly God-centred atmosphere.  We were spiritually fed and mentored by a group of inspirational pastoral leaders; challenged to seek out the X-Factor of being an Elder, using Biblical principles as a guide;  and considering that building God’s kingdom is nurturing our church community, where every member is loved, supported, prayed for and no-one is left behind.
In the same vein, we had the opportunity to build such a community, over the two days at the conference, which was held in the tranquil Howqua hills.  We would encourage all new leaders and their partners to attend an event that will push you to GROW.”