We are now in the fourth year of the five-year cycle called Harvest Victoria.  That by no means indicates that this ‘project’ will end at the end of next year!

In fact, Harvest Victoria is not a program or a project – it is more an ongoing philosophy, if you like, of intentionally developing ways of taking part in the Christ’s harvest, building on what has gone before.

The mid-point was Revelation Today, in 2019.  What happened after that looks different to what had perhaps initially been visualised, with 2020 changing so much, and a major feature of Harvest Victoria became our health emphasis and in particular, the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.   The Personal Ministries department has been involved to, with offering resources to assist people in their personal ministries, such as book offers for sharing throughout 2020.

Plans for a Bible Worker training school changed, and we now have two Bible Worker Trainers, Sashka Tikulin and Steven Wong.

The role of Bible Worker Trainer is driven by Luke 10:2, when Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful, but labourers are few. Fuelled by this verse, the Trainers work with local church members to prepare them with the right tools, information, and mentoring so that they can effectively share God’s word.

Steven is responsible for the Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs and training sessions have already commenced with a number of churches in the region. “We pray that this effort will generate a passionate team of local church Bible workers who will bring the word to those who are hungry for it,” said Steven Wong.

Roy Kim was appointed as Church Plant Coordinator and during this time we have seen a nearly 10% increase rate, which, in the church planting community with whom Roy liaises, is impressive.  We have three existing plants, The Avenue, Clyde Connect and Cragieburn Church, and there are church plants being planned in Geelong, Bendigo, Philip Island, Mansfield, Corowa and Yakandandah, with two churches, Gateway and Burwood, transitioning to a house church model.

Plans are also being made to start up a physical centre of influence with evangelism at it’s core.  What this will actually look like is yet to be determined and at the moment the team is looking for someone who will be able to envision and implement the way forward.  And a final (at this stage) project has also been added to the list – to establish a digital centre of influence for the same purpose.

And so, throughout 2021, the Harvest Victoria team will be working toward building a firm base from which to continue the next cycle of evangelism.  Working for The Harvest is not something that we can pick up and put down as we like.  It is not something that should depend on organised Conference events.  And the purpose of even having something called Harvest Victoria, is to empower each and every one of us in our own personal ministry for Christ.

So how can you be involved?  Begin on your knees.  Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you to where he needs you to be for Kingdom reasons.  And just maybe, Harvest Victoria may have something to offer that will help you.

Andrew Jasper