Within the Harvest Victoria strategy, a number of goals were set early on. Let’s take a look at how that is going, now we have passed the half way mark.

The first goal, to train 1500 workers, is in progress with two Harvest training intensives with It is Written and ongoing Depression Recovery and other training programs around the conference to help equip workers, facilitated by our departments. And at the local church level our Samoan churches have been involved in a Training school.

Establishing 22 new church plants is well underway with twelve that are either already underway or just about to start and hosting the Prayer Summit achieved another goal.

With Revelation Today finished, the Harvest team members are now directing their thoughts toward furthering progress already made and making advances toward reaching all of their eight goals.

They are looking into ways to promote discipleship further, including discipleship packs for new members. More opportunities for training toward church planting and church revitalization are being looked into as well as looking at a variety of new ways to reach our communities, addressing the remaining goals.

The next significant event on the calendar is a follow up from Revelation Today – our city wide Regionals. In November, Eric Flickinger will be in Melbourne again, presenting at both venues and at a number of locations throughout the week between.

So plan to be there and bring your friends. Don’t forget to book for the Regionals so you can have lunch as well.

And give thought to how you, personally, can continue the Harvest Victoria initiative in your own lives…