Safe Food Handling

Thank you for your interest in helping ensure food preparation within our local churches is kept up to a satisfactory standard so that our food events are fun, healthy and safe for all…

While it may not be a legal requirement for those preparing/serving food in a church setting to have undertaken any certification, we would recommend best practice in this area by having all those involved undertake some form of training.  We also recommend the Victorian Government guidelines on Safe Handling of Food can be laminated and posted in the food preparation areas to remind people of safe food handling practices.

To assist with training of volunteers, we have a number of resources.
Sibillla Johnson presents a short video on safe food handling practice.  Additionally we have a companion download you can print off.

Safe Food Handling – Resource Notes

You can also access a free online course here. This is not a course providing a certificate but it covers the basic food handling guidelines in a practical fashion.

Please note that should you provide food for consumption from the church premises that has cost/fees/charges applied, a Food Safety Supervisors Certificate must be held by the person in charge of preparing food, and the Kitchen premise needs to be registered with your local council. 
Guidelines in this area (depending on activities undertaken) do vary between councils, thus we recommend that you consult your local Council Health Department and act accordingly.

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Our aim is to help you reach up to Him, so you can reach out to them.  Forming friendships, growing through small groups, nurturing a healthy church and working in team evangelistic projects form the framework of our department.

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