On 31 December 2019, WHO was informed of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China.

In addition to providing care to patients and isolating new cases as they are identified, Chinese public health officials have reported that they remain focused on continued contact tracing, conducting environmental assessments at the wholesale market, and investigations to identify the pathogen causing the outbreak.

The first case in Australia has been confirmed in Victoria on 25 January 2020. Now we are coming to 12 cases across Australia.

For church setting, it’s always difficult to monitor situations like this, however, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. Display posters in key areas (toilets and kitchen and church foyer)
  2. Make sure hand sanitisers are available in the toilets and kitchen
  3. It’s recommended to advise members who were in China and just arrived not to attend church for two weeks.
  4. Educate the congregation on the importance of following the basic instructions for maintaining hygiene practices. 

For more information please follow the following link from the Department of Health