One person braves the risk and shops. Another cooks and leaves the food on the doorstep. A third pics it up, nods through the window and drives off to the next house. Soon after, two people meet in a carpark. They greet each other briefly, smiles no handshakes. Bags of full takeaway containers exchange hands. And then they drive off in different directions. Being sure to sanitise. Perhaps another exchange or two and the containers are being delivered to disadvantaged people living in the inner city area. People who previously had attended ADRA’s Friday night community meal program at the Queen Victoria markets but can no longer congregate. People who may not have a fixed address…
Networks such as this are popping up across Melbourne. Helping the homeless. The logistics are enormous.
With the ban on social gatherings, the people who rely on programs such as this are in even more need, as some of the organisations are no longer able to help them.
ADRA is there. Our volunteers are rising to the occasion, caring for the needy.
If you would like to be a part of this care chain, please ….go to the ADRA page and volunteer