Editorial – Nov 2017

Road to Bethlehem, Speech Nights, Holidays, the festive season then the New Year – the end of the year is just around the corner – with all the good things that come with that. However, rather than winding down, the Conference team is sharpening it’s focus and gearing up for the four year term ahead.

The Victorian Conference Constituency Meeting is in our memories now – good memories of a day when God’s Spirit was clearly present. The team has been chosen to lead the conference forward for the next four years. You’re probably asking, “So what’s on the horizon for the conference?” Mission, vision, sharpening our strategic planning and goal setting.

Resourcing, training, promoting, equipping and empowering are key functions of our Conference team – particularly our departmental directors. So for each of the seven areas in our strategic plan, we’ve prayerfully identified the desired outcome and the types of activities which will foster that strategic focus. Then we’ve identified measures that can be used to evaluate progress. We’ve invited feedback from our Conference committee, our departmental team, our pastors and members. and we’re formulating specific goals for each strategic area.

Our mission statement gives the focus for the church in Victoria: To make disciples for Jesus Christ of all peoples, communicating the everlasting gospel in the context of the three Angels messages of Rev 14: 6-12.

Our Vision statement brings further clarity: A thriving disciple-making movement across Victoria.

So, what will it take to be effective in seeing that vision become a reality? You may have heard of specific plans for evangelism in 2019. That’s a major part of our strategy and there’s more. We’ve identified seven strategic areas:
• Christ Centred Living: to grow closer to God and be prepared for Jesus return.
• Discipleship & Evangelism: which will involve vibrant disciple-making.
• Adventist Identity: a growing confidence in and commitment to our message and mission.
• Nurture & Compassion: exemplifying the love of Christ.
•Worship: drawing people into a closer experience and knowledge of God.
• Healthy Relationships: within families and the church community.
• Stewardship: to be faithful stewards of time, talent and resources.

So we’re at the stage of goal clarification and identifying what action steps will lead to hitting the bullseye. We’re committed to excellence and effectiveness. We’ve got a job to do, a mission to achieve, a vision to create. Please pray that God will continue to lead as we go forward.
May I take this opportunity in wishing you all God’s rich blessing for the holiday season and the New Year as we together live for Jesus.

Graeme Christian
Conference President