As we are right up with the effects of the CV in the currently worst hit business sector of travel and tourism, I thought we should add our voice.

As the travel industry, and our business, has been severely hit by the enormous downturn and suspension of travel of our clients, there has been a reason for this. The general public believe that both the media hype and the announcements by the business world, the health departments, the politicians and soothsayers has been very confusing. Giving out advice to our many clients regarding how safe their money, their itineraries or their well being is, is burdensome indeed.

Of course we would love to see Conference camp go ahead, but realistically, Adventists are well known for shaking hands and giving and receiving cuddles and hugs. These habits are amongst the known ways the virus is transferred human to human. So we err on the side of not having camp this year.

The outbreak of the virus in Korea is strongly linked to a church, very large at that, being the cause of South Korea’s CV problem and the transferring of the virus to other countries.  We would not want the church to be the centre of a mass outbreak of the virus, would we.

The curtailment of ALL Europeans entering USA says lots. The grounding of almost ALL Qantas A380 aircraft and the reduction of flights to “anywhere” says lots. The closure of India and Italy to foreigners says lots. The curtailment of many cruises says lots. Many countries have brought in their own immigration and health screenings to care for their own people.

Please don’t be misguided that Adventists in camp meeting will be protected differently. A very wise decision would be to cancel this year’s Conference Camp at Elmore.

May the sensible decision be made.