Peter Hodgkin is a property investor and sees a spiritual aspect to property investment as stewards of what God has given.  He has particular concern for his tenants. 

“Wouldn’t Jesus want us to try and reach them for Him?” he asks. “What if every Adventist who owned an investment property took out a Signs subscription ‘for ‘The Resident’ of their property and made it a matter of prayer?” 

Peter has put his idea into practice for his own tenants. “It’s nice to think there will be people in heaven who have heard the gospel message through this means,” he says as he encourages Adventist property investors to ‘sign up a tenant to life’ and look forward to meeting them in heaven.

Evangelism doesn’t have to be an event on the calendar with advertising and an international presenter.  It also happens one-on-one.  It’s what flows naturally from your life with God and into your everyday relationships.  Who are the people you come into regular contact with who don’t yet know Jesus?  What are you doing to expand your friendship network for the kingdom?  And, whether or not it involves a magazine designed for outreach like Signs, what’s the next step God is asking you to take?

Kent Kingston
Signs of the Times