Revelation Today, hosted by popular It Is Written speakers, John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger, is going to take place in May.

With It is Written soon returning to Australian television, this will be a great opportunity to raise public awareness of Pastor Bradshaw.  Invitations to Revelation Today will be sent out to the 11,000 Victorians who have previously enrolled in courses through Adventist Media’s Hope Channel Bible School or have recently requested It Is Written material. 

Hope Channel director, Pastor Wayne Boehm, said it is an amazing opportunity for Adventist Media to collaborate with the Victorian Conference and local churches.  

“There are not many opportunities that come along like this.  We try to partner with local churches when they are running events, but it rarely happens on a conference-wide basis.  So this is huge both for Victoria and for us.”

While in Victoria last year, Pastor Bradshaw — who has been hosting It Is Written since 2011 — filmed three new episodes.  

“Once IIW returns to air, there will be four Adventist programs on Australian free-to-air television, which is very significant,” Pr Boehm said. “It gives us an opportunity to be in people’s homes right across Australia, allowing people to have access to the gospel message.”

Tracey Bridcutt
Adventist Media