First Aired August 15, 2020

Join us this weekend as we continue our Just Jesus series. This week we will be digging into how Jesus walked on Water to reveal his true character to his disciples.  Join us as we explore this with Elena Szytow.


When you hear someone described as “soft” or “hard” what do you think? Most people are somewhere along a sliding scale of “softness” to “hardness”. 

Where do you fit?  If you could choose, would you choose to be more soft or more hard? Why?


Digging Deeper

What stood out to you in today’s sermon?

Read the story again in Mark 6:47-52 and discuss the following questions:

It seems to suggest that Jesus watched them struggle for a bit before he went out to them. Why would Jesus do that?

V48 says he was going to pass them by. Do you think if they hadn’t seen Jesus, that Jesus would have just walked past?

Why did the wind die down when Jesus got in the boat?

V52 says “they did not understand about the loaves”. What do you think that means? What should they have learned about the loaves that would have given them peace in this situation?

Discuss the idea of a hard heart. (For help with this question, you might look at Jeremiah 18:12, Exodus 4:21, Isaiah 6: 9-10. (this text in Isaiah is also quoted in Matthew 13.15 and Acts 28:27))

Who can help us with our hearts? Read Ezekiel 36:26


Elena finished by challenging us to all undergo heart surgery. Talk to God this week about revealing to you about parts of your heart that might be hard to hearing or seeing him.