We might be seen to be less than responsible if we proceeded with large gatherings. I note today that even New York city has declared 2 weeks of quarantine in a county north of NY city, to be implemented from the 12th of March for 2 weeks. This will include the closing of schools, religious centres and other large gathering places. I would think that on the balance of probability, and to mitigate the risk of potentially very negative reputational damage, it may be wise to either defer to cancel this year’s Camp Meeting.

Note that I am not an alarmist in regard to this issue, but the community has become unbelievably sensitised to this particular virus, and given quite a number of still ‘unknowns’ in relation to its ability to spread, mutate etc, I am just being more usual cautious self!!

I wish you all the best in the Board and pray for God’s hand and leading to be evident in this uncertain circumstance.