January’s bushfires seem such a long time ago, given all we have been experienceing since, with the threat of the pandemic and the need to be socially distant.  Thoughts of the committment of the volunteers and the plight of those effected by the fires have been superceded by the logisitics of working from home, educating our children, buying supplies and the plights of the jobless and other causualties and of those who have lossed loved ones.

Lilydale church shared with us the story of one of their families working tirelessly to fight the fires.  Colin Keath and his three sons, Adam, Ben and Daniel, had been missing from church intermittently between November and early March, having been either on standby or helping to fight the fires in the Corryong (near Mt Kosciusko) and Benambra (near Omeo) areas.  Using his bulldozers and, sometimes, an excavator.  Colin was coordinating a team of men who work for him, including his sons, to build firebreaks.  They would work seven days without break and then take two days off.

We would like to encourage you to take a moment to thank God for Colin, his family and his workers, and the many others like them who put their lives on the line during that time, and to pray for those who lost property and loved ones and are now dealing with the effects of the pandemic as well.