A report from Children’s Ministries Leader, Julie Catton.

What a year!  There have been so many times when I’ve wondered if I’d been transported into some kind of action movie where there’s people trapped in their home during a pandemic while someone runs around saving the day.  Mind you, in this scenario I am definitely not the hero!  Not even one of the main characters.  Just a barely seen extra trying to get through each day with minimal tantrums and tears (from both myself and my kids!).

But while much of this year has seemed like an uphill battle, there has been lots to celebrate.  We can be thankful for the slower pace of life.  We have been mostly at home (except for our amazing essential workers), which has meant more family time.  Some of that has been difficult – but I have no doubt our kids will remember this time as a defining moment in their lives.  For those with kids at school, we now have a whole new level of appreciation for our teachers!

One of the things that has been most incredible to see is the way that parents and churches have still prioritised their kids’ spiritual development.  In a time when we all just wanted to go hide under the covers and wait till the year was over, parents have been spending time helping their children to know and love Jesus even more.  To rely on Him through this tough time.  Sabbath School teachers have invested time each week making sure that kids still get to experience something special on Sabbath.  That it is still a day where we put aside the rest of the week and focus on Jesus.

It’s been such a steep learning curve, figuring out how to do everything online.  I’m so grateful to all the Children’s Leaders who have put so much time and effort into doing this. Who have gone the extra mile to make sure the kids stay engaged.

Recently I was privileged to help Lilydale church run a three-day online Kids Club.  Not only were so many families (some who had never been to church before) blessed by this, but so many volunteers worked together under less than ideal circumstances to make it happen.

It was definitely a highlight of our ‘iso’ time!

We are not limited by our circumstances, because we have a God who is bigger than anything we can experience here on Earth.

Continue to let God be your guide as we navigate this weird and wonderful world we live in!

Julie Catton

If you or your church are looking for ideas while we are not able to meet in person, there are a number of pre-recorded programs online that can help!

Beginners/Kindy – Happy Hearts 

Primary – Kings Kids

Juniors/Teens – Reset 

Advent Calendars are now available:

For the last couple of years, the Children’s Ministries department in Victoria have put together an Advent Calendar.  This calendar is a way of making sure we keep the ‘real’ meaning of Christmas alive in our families. It is aimed at preschool/primary aged children. Each day there is a Bible verse to read as a family along with a question to discuss.  There is also a ‘Challenge’ – some which can be done as a whole family and others that can be reported on at the end of the day.  Each challenge is designed to get kids thinking about how they can show love and kindness to people in their community.

This year the challenges have been adapted to ensure they fit within the covid-19 restrictions.

The cost of the calendar is $10 (cost price).  If you would be interested in purchasing one of these calendars, either for your own family or as a gift, please contact us on juliecatton@adventist.org.au