First Aired Saturday June 13, 2020

Our hope is to do life together. Let’s stand together as we seek to live like Jesus in the here & now.
Join us this week in virtual spaces as we explore Revelation 1: 9-11 & 3:14-21 with Jose St Phard.


Have you ever been on a protest march, or signed a petition or written a letter to call for justice or change?What was the cause? Why did you do it?





Digging Deeper

Reflect on the sermon today – did any ideas strike you that you’d like to comment on?

The three temptations of Jesus sometimes seem strange to us as they are so far out of our “normal” context. But ultimately they are:

  • Temptation of appetite (hedonism)
  • Temptation of power and control (egoism)
  • Temptation of money (materialism)

We have the same temptations today.   Discuss temptation with your group.

Re-read Luke 4:16-21.   There are dozens of texts in the Bible that talk about caring for “the quartet of the vulnerable” – the orphan, the widow, the stranger, the poor”.

The sermon also touched on the idea of your purpose in life. Discuss what that means to you.

To what extent can we really know God’s will?  Jose mentioned living up to Kingdom Values. What are your values?

What practical steps can we take this week, to reflect Kingdom Values in our every day lives, both in person and online?


Am I the same person behind the screen as I am in real life?