First published March 21, 2020

Love Transforms

When we love like never before, we will grow like never before…


Praise and Worship

○ 1) Clean – Hillsong United 2) King of My Heart – Bethel 3) Reckless Love – Cory Ashbury
○ Follow this link for Youtube Worship playlist or Spotify Worship playlist


Video message – 15 min


Digging Deeper

In the video, Pastor Jose talks about the radical type of love that we are called to demonstrate. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 in your group. We often just quote this at weddings, and we’ve forgotten that this love is not what we’re called just to do with our spouse, this is how we are supposed to love EVERYONE! Go through the various attributes of love that are listed and comment together on what showing this type of love would look like in your community or neighbourhood or place of work this week. 

I’m guilty of being angry towards the hoarders and scammers and thinking, “I hope you catch it.” This is the opposite of the kind of love we’re called to. Fortunately, love always forgives, but we are called to repent. When thinking about how to demonstrate love, are there things we firstly need to apologise for?

Pastor Jose went on to talk about how to handle conflict. The Biblical ideal is radically different to the world around us. Read the passage in Matthew 18:15-19 and discuss it in your group. 

How can we address areas of dispute with love as our primary purpose? 

Are there people in our lives right now that we need to make peace with?

If we see hoarders in the supermarket, for example, how do we treat them with love?

How can we foster a heart that is willing and eager to make peace and forgive those who have offended us?

To Pray About

Having a change of heart, and becoming people who love radically and recklessly, like Jesus, can only come from God. It’s not natural for us. We all need to pray for a heart that mirrors the character of God. 

Pray for our society. We are surrounded by fear. Yet God has called us to have peace and to trust in Him always. May we exude peace to those around us.

Pray for our church community, as we are apart, that we will look after each other and stay strong in our faith. 

Pray for those who get sick, that they will be healed. 

Pray for our government that they make the right decisions for the good of our entire nation.