First published March 28, 2020

Love Transforms

Loving unconditionally… Loving Radically


Share about a time when you felt you were loved unconditionally.  Was it a parent, a spouse, a dog…

When you are out in nature, do you feel God’s love?

Praise and Worship

Video Message (20 minutes)

Digging Deeper

  • In the video we are challenged to love each other as God loves us.  If someone’s response is “I know i can never live up to that, it’s too hard, I can’t do it” – What could you say to them?
  • Read John 13:37 to John 14:3.  Before listening to this video, had you ever seen a link between these chapters?  Do you see Jesus’ words of “do not let your heart be troubled” as God’s way of showing Peter grace in advance?  Discuss this idea in your group.
  • What practical ways can we pracitce showing love the way that God loves us?


Think of five people this week who you can check in on and ask RUOK?

Think About

In the same way that Jesus told Peter he would fail, but not to worry, remember God tells you the same thing.

We are called to love radically, but we are fallible hu,mans and we will get it wrong.

Remember this week, as you try to show love to those around you, do not let your heart be troubled.