Hello everybody! My name is Manuel Tikulin and I come from Croatia to pastor St. Albans and Westall Churches.

As a young person I did not believe in God because no one had meaningful answers to my questions on death and suffering. Meeting my wife was my first contact with Adventists. I found the answers in the Bible and little by little, God grew in me a passion to study theology just because I wanted to know more about the Bible.
My first year in Theology, I soon became a leader among the young people on the campus and God showed me that all the talents and years of work and effort that I had in the world had not been thrown into the wind, but could also be used in the church.
My internship was in Zagreb and my wife and I especially loved Family Ministries. It is difficult to see so many divorces, broken families, misunderstandings, suffering and children who grow in broken family and unhealthy atmospheres. We have felt God’s call for the Church to become a place where people can advise on various psychological, social, and life issues; can show that the Bible is relevant to us today, and show us How to deal with real life problems.
With the support of my churches and Union Conference, we accepted the call to Melbourne. We arrived in March and are still trying to arrange our family schedule!
Jesus is coming soon – stay faithful and respond to His call. Nothing is worthless if you give it to His hands. God can and will change hearts and mind of people… through you.