The only thing that surprises me about this decision, is that the Conference is seeking input from email recipients about it!

It seems like a straightforward decision, which the Executive are quite capable of making themselves. Any criticism they may receive now will surely be forgotten as the full effects of the virus are made known.

It will be very sad not to have Big Camp again this year, but much less so than potentially loosing large numbers of our community prematurely.

Containment of the COVID-19 virus to numbers which our Health System is capable of handling over the next few months, should be a priority for all Australia as a whole. We should be re-doubling our efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Therefore, I think a bigger question which the Executive may need to consider over forthcoming weeks, is that of changes to our regular church (and other) meetings, so that they are poised to take the necessary steps to help reduce further transmission potential as the numbers and demand on the Health System continues to climb.