We asked attendees to tell you about this event – to share with you what it was like actually being there…

MWTP4 was a fantastic chance to gather with disciples from across the South Pacific Division to continue to build a Jesus centred ministry and life. It also gave opportunity for attendees to discuss and gain many weapons against the challenges of such a life for Christ in these times. It is a defining moment on my life in training for God’s work in our church’

Sarah Knott

To me, MWTP meant a personal revival and realising the importance of discipleship among the youth, all while being inspired by the hundreds of people around me who love God so much.


                       Amiley Milovic

A practical Bible based learning experience centred on discipleship. A rekindling of my walk with Christ and fellowship with God and man so deep that the atmosphere was a glimpse into heaven. This will live as apart of me for the rest of my life.

Caitlyn Edwards

Definitely the best decision I’ve made all year. Getting to be with like-minded people committed to sharing Jesus and youth/young adult ministry was such a blessing. The friends I’ve made are life long and the time I spent at MWTP I’ll never forget!


Chimangu Kamanga

Firstly, a BIG thank you to VicYouth for the sponsorship to this amazing and spiritually

uplifting event. It was a truly spirit filled event loaded with remarkably talented and inspiring speakers covering a range of topics from effective evangelism to strategic discipleship planning. The worships were amazing with over 800 delegates from the pacific in perfect harmony; perhaps a glimpse of what worship heaven may truly be like.

Scott Woollard

MWTP was a life changing, spiritual experience. The


week was filled with amazing food, amazing people, amazing speakers and overall, was such a God filled weekend!

Tylah Ah Tune

It was an amazing week for me over all.  Thank you Phil and team for EVERYTHING. I have shared with pastor and elders of my church the importance of understanding and knowing your identity as SDA people.We made allegiance to the God who made us in His own image that our characters be like him stay connected to have visions and develop skills to build relationships and make disciples for the kingdom. 

Heta Erika

I am so blessed from the MWTP4, was my First time at MWTP4 and it best, Love it so much, an encouragement for me as a leader-leadership for God work, From every session that I had attended full of blessings for me , and I shared to my department n everyone our God is good and He is coming soon!

Merita Leitu

MWTP 4 has given me a fresh insight into how I could be more effective in the ministry areas I’m currently involved in.

 Kenny Roga

I can’t thank you enough for the Move with the Power experience –  it’s really revitalised my spiritual journey and that of our young people at North Melbourne.

Natasha Sua