Late last year, the Werribee congregation said goodbye to their old church building which, given the continual influx of new members, had become too small.
With the astonishing growth of the West, the church had a vision to demolish the existing premises, making way for a new two-storey, multipurpose church, to serve the needs of this thriving community – a church that will incorporate the latest in modern architectural design and stand as a beacon of light in an overwrought, spiritually darkened world.
After many prayers and submissions for grants, the Lord impressed on more than a few hearts to join us in our vision to establish a vibrant place of worship as well as for workshops, health programs and evangelical training programs and community centred activities.
From this beacon of light, we plan to seed church plants, rippling outwards from Werribee. The first church plant, Point Cook Community Church, has already been established, with active evangelical campaigns operating in the area now., including the ‘Yes, We Care’ program, where church members door knock Point Cook households, offering to relieve them of some of their chores such as weeding, mowing lawns or washing cars. Of course, the residents are pleasantly surprised: ‘What, for nothing, for no money? Why are you doing this?’
In this way, we are attracting attention for being a community-minded church, a church people might be interested in visiting to learn more about the Christian life of humbly serving; Werribee’s influence, through the Holy Spirit, is already being felt elsewhere, and will, no doubt, be felt at our temporary home in Tarneit.
But we must not forget that a church isn’t the building but the people. If you are inclined to join the vibrant Werribee congregation on a Sabbath morning, you will find us at Baden Powell College, 81 Baden Powell Drive, Tarneit (entre Sunset Views Bvd) until the new church is built. Don’t forget that Sabbath school begins at 9:30 promptly.

Robert Bryson