Liam and Verica were among the throng of trainees who went knocking on doors in January. Quietly optimistic, they approached their appointed street. Time passed quickly and everyone reconvened to share encouragement, but Liam and Verica didn’t need any! They had had such an inspiring time. But would anything really meaningful come of these divine appointments?

Fast forward to the Drum in May, John Bradshaw repeatedly appeals to people to publicly proclaim their faith through baptism. The evening of the baptism arrives and one candidate has never wavered in her desire. A small woman, known by most as the lady in the wheelchair, is known better by Liam and Verica as the lovely lady who greeted them at her home and encouraging them so infectiously back in January.

Jacquie Ryan overcame her physical challenges to publicly show her love for Jesus. She is a living example of what God can do with our fumbling evangelistic efforts. It isn’t about our inabilities… It is His sufficiency.

Daniel Maher