The Victorian Adventist Book Centre is now trading online at


If you want to buy from the ABC on line, you no longer have to endure redirects to the American store and back, with exchange rates complicating things!

North New South Wales and Greater Sydney conferences began collaborating on an Australian web presence in late 2016, to build a webstore which integrates with a point of sale system.

Victoria has now joined the project, and all orders on coming from Victorian & Tasmanian customers will be fulfilled by the Victorian ABC.

“We had planned on building our own online store like individual ABC’s have done in the past,” says Graeme Moffitt, Victoria Conference CFO, “but when the option to become a part of a more collaborative online store arose, it made sense to join the project.  We can see both customers and conferences benefiting from pooling our resources and working together.”

The store was officially launched on September 1 with its first 1000 products, but according to the webstore content manager, Scott Wegener, there are plenty more improvements to come in ensuing months, including design and functionality tweaks, and 1000’s of additional products.

“The ultimate inspiration pushing us to make this webstore great is to assist the many people who cannot easily get to a physical store – from those who are house bound or have work commitments preventing them from visiting a store,  to those living 100’s of kilometres from a shop,” says Mr Wegener.  “The aim is to enable people to make well informed purchase decisions at home or from their mobile device, by presenting comprehensive product previews.  But for now we’re still getting our footing right somewhat and putting in the basics.”

Future product preview features will include initiatives such as video ‘flick-throughs’ of pictorially rich books, first page previews of chapter books, video trailers and reviews of DVDs, CD sound track demos and board game video demonstrations.

You can check out the webstore now at