It is with sadness that we say goodbye to members of our ministerial team. Some have accepted calls to other Conferences, both in Australia and elsewhere. Others are retiring (or re-retiring!) or following God’s call into different areas of life. They have been a part of our lives and it is sad to say goodbye. We wish them God’s richest blessings in the next chapters of their lives.
• Duane Suffolk is heading to Lismore for a break and possibly then to some voluntary work in the Lightning Ridge area.
• Lili Panozzo plans to return to Adelaide.
• David Pearce is re-retiring after eleven years at Hughesdale and will continue to contribute to the broader church.
• Chrissie Cooper is returning to the Land of the Long White Cloud (NZ) and will be closer to family.
• Peter McGowan is planning on travelling more next year after two years volunteering at East Prahran
• Miguel Flamenco is heading to Sydney/Newcastle area to be closer to his ageing parents.
• Matthew Vrancic is moving to pastor Griffith Church in SNSW.
• Rob Steed is retiring but will still be based in Melbourne. If you’re looking for an experienced coach, Rob will be looking to do more in this area.


Rob Steed is a committed Adventist Pastor who has ably served God as a Departmental Director, Ministerial Secretary and Church Pastor. He has a passion for coaching and mentoring, and is committed to small group ministry. His is a strong believer in the ministry of hospitality and personal evangelism and is not afraid to innovate, as exemplified through ‘Homes of Hope’. He has produced valuable and effective resources, has been an excellent trainer and counsellor, and has organised and presented many seminars. Rob is known for his ability to be forthright, with an ability to hold his course in the face of challenges while passionately standing for what he believes in. His determination for the church to be more effective is reflected in his focus, and his willingness to share his skills and insights with others.

Rob has served with faithfulness, a sense of innovation, and a focus on mentorship and training that has impacted many in Victoria. We know Rob will continue to minister for the Lord in whatever he puts his hand to and wish him well in his future endeavours.