After 26 years, Paul Goltz has returned to Victoria joining the Gilson College Taylors Hill Chaplaincy Team for 2019.

Paul commenced formal ministry in Mildura in 1990. He subesquently served in pastoral roles in WA, Tasmania, Qld, Greater Sydney conferences and Newbold College UK as a Youth Pastor/chaplain. He believes that, after serving as a senior pastor, youth pastor, chaplain and a police officer (Queensland Police Service) there is very little in life that surprises him.

Together with his wife Sonya, they have relocated from Perth, where one child, Karlie, remains, studying at University. Their eldest, Daniel and his family, live in Qld.

Paul’s passion is helping churches connect in the context of their local community. He believes that churches functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit and feeding on the Word of God will thrive and can’t help but impact the world around them with hope. With a broad life experience, Paul seeks to be real about life and about God.
After more than two decades in ministry, Paul will be the first to tell you: “We’re only just getting started”. He is excited to be part of such a great team of staff at Gilson College.