Back in February, Jinha Kim returned home tired but happy, after attending a Division-wide Women in Ministry Conference.
For many of the 132 delegates it was their first time attending such a conference and its impact was palpable.

“For the first time in a long time,” she said, “we were able to Pause and Be Held by God and each other, as we explored deep theological insights with Dr. Kendra Haloviak-Valentine, discovered Spirit-led gems in passages with Mrs. Lanelle Cobbin, and was moved by the testimony of Pr Esther Knott.”

There was also connected with each other and Jinha left feeling a deep sense of community with her fellow female colleagues in Victoria as well as inspiring colleagues from around the South Pacific.

She was so grateful to the Conference administration, for sponsoring the women in Victoria to attend this event.

“As one of the organisers, it was heartening to see many of the women feel valued and affirmed and it was thanks to Conference and Unions who sponsored the women that we were able to have such a meaningful event.”  Victoria was one of the first conferences to offer sponsorship for the women and gave a generous allowance for our travel and accommodation.  Jinha believes our conference is making space for women in ministry to thrive in Victoria.