Starting the beginning of May, Revelation Today is an evangelistic series presented by It is Written presenter, John Bradshaw, as part of our Conference’s strategic five-year plan for evangelism, which has been called Harvest Victoria.

In the lead up to the May series, Revelation Today, a number of our churches have been involved in various activities, making connections with their local communities and seeking out people who are themselves searching for something more.  This edition we are sharing some of their stories with you.  If you, or your church, have not become involved yet, it is not too late.  Harvest Victoria is a strategy, and you can still be part of it.  It should in fact be integral in every day life, not just for five years but with no endpoint – looking for ways to share Christ intentionally, with those who are searching.

Who do you know, who might be interested in attending Revelation Today?  As we have been learning with this Quarter’s Lesson Study, the book of Revelation is the story of Jesus, how He is still in control, knows what we are going through, and in spite of all that is happening, holds our best interests in the palm of His hand…  On His side, who can stand against us.  What a message of hope for those living in a time of corruption, terrorism, fear and uncertainty.