Revive Abide

A vision for a
Health and Lifestyle Retreat
Health and Ministry Training Centre

What is Abide?

The Abide Estate is located on 101 pristine acres of alpine forest near Marysville, Victoria. It was purpose built to operate a Residential Health Retreat, training centre and modest market garden. It has been operated by various independent ministries for over 30 years and is now available for new owners to acquire.

The Residential Health Retreat has 11 beautifully refurbished ensuite rooms, hydrotherapy/massage treatment rooms, consulting offices and dining room that takes advantage of the natural surrounds. 

The Training Centre provides for the needs of students and associated staff, with classrooms, library and administrative offices. 

Student Accommodations include a 16-bed dormitory with 2 Dean’s Quarter’s, commercial kitchen and dining room.

Want to see the Estate?
Sunday, August 14, 21 or 28

1:30pm – 4:30pm
For details call Andrew at 0411 690 136

Who is Cedarvale?

Cedarvale is a Residential Health Retreat operating in the Wellness industry as a not-for-profit organisation for over 30 years. 

Believing that God works through nature’s wholistic remedies to promote healing, hundreds of clients have experienced renewed health. 

As a registered supportive ministry of the Adventist Church in the South New South Wales Conference, they have a faithful record of caring service, unified staff, and steady financial management that supports the church in its mission. 

Since COVID-19, they have record client numbers, and needing to expand operations have expressed interest in the Abide Estate.  At present, they need financial assistance to reach the negotiated amount to acquire the estate.

If you want to experience the joy of giving and have the assurance that there is a place to experience professional and natural healing when you or your friends need it, then please consider giving a generous donation.  You will be blessed!

The Victorian Conference has agreed to explore with Cedarvale the purchase of the Abide Estate and form a complimentary partnership whereby:

Would own the property and operate the Residential Health Retreat

Would operate the Health and Ministry Training Centre

What’s needed?


To seek God for His blessing and opening providence


Toward the goal of
$1.5 million
to assist Cedarvale to complete the purchase


Thriving Health for our Communities and Constituents  

Imagine a place where:

  • many chronic and mental health sufferers can accelerate their healing and prevent them from occurring again
  • physical, mental, and spiritual health blend as caring staff and volunteers join in the healing journey
  • clients return home connected with lifestyle coaches in their local area to follow up their quest for better health.
  • Health professional can both refer patients to a credible Health Centre and learn the role of NEWSTART in their own practice
  • Church members can be equipped and empowered in various lines of ministry work
  • Young people can recalibrate in the pristine alpine surrounds allowing God and nature to reset their resilience

An Appeal for Thriving Health for our Communities and Constituents

The basis of a “thriving disciple making movement in Victoria” are thriving disciple-makers. If your heart longs to see and experience this throughout our churches and various entities, then I invite you to join in this appeal for prayer and financial support to realize a dream worth pursuing.



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For More INFORMATION Contact: 

Pr Andrew Jasper 

0411 690 136 


    The purpose of Health Ministries is to inspire and invigorate our churches to embrace our health message in a way that connects with the growing needs of their community.

    Pr Andrew Jasper

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