At the end of RtB 2017, where we saw 13,750 people attend inspite of one very hot night (the last year at Nunawading saw 16,000), an email was shared with the volunteers by someone who had bought a young person in her mid twenty’s through for the first time. Here is some of what the young person said:
“Thank you so much for taking me tonight… I didn’t really understand before, the cultural and social implications for Mary becoming pregnant, so this drew me into the story from the beginning. I laughed at the jokes… became so intent on listening to the story I nearly jumped out of my skin when the soldiers yelled… My favourite scene was the hilarious shepherds but turning the corner on the way to Bethlehem and seeing the star…I wondered what would come next… When the angels sang, my eyes were wide and I felt I was in the presence of God, a voice in my mind saying over and over “I love you. I did this for you.”

I write to you at 2am because I came home and have been silent and listening for His voice. I don’t have a Bible, so I went online to find the Bible story of Jesus’ birth and really read it for myself for the first time in my life. And it just made sense. It came to life and I will be continuing to read the rest of the story.

…Please thank the people who make Road to Bethlehem happen.  What an amazing group of people you are. You must have met Jesus too.

Other comments received:
How humbled I feel that this exists…it is truly a wonderful experience. It is making me think more about God – Sophie
My first time to road to Bethlehem and I can’t describe in words how beautiful and amazing the experience was – Sai
Absolutely amazed with the generosity for the community. – Gretel
Such an anointed presentation. Thankyou for sharing the love of our Saviour – Kim

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