Mid July, a group of youth from Victoria joined forces with a group form the NNSW Conference and headed to Botswana to participate in an evangelistic series.

“From Johannesburg it was a LOOONNNG bus ride to northwest Botswana. Each person was allotted a church where they spent the next nine days preaching – AND some had never preached before.” – Joycelyn Phillips.

This was part of a program called Share Him, an initiative for young people from economically developed countries to go to a country where the Adventist church is flourishing, to be inspired, trained and challenged and to come away motivated to make a difference e in their own communities.

The evangelistic campaign finished with a baptism on the final day, some of the candidates having responded to the calls made by the youth.

From Botswana, the group then made their way to Spain for the European-wide Adventist Youth Rally where they worshiped with 4000 other young people.

“I think I could write a book on how amazing the trip was but if I had to sum it up briefly I’d say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To see God work through us and change the lives of others and our own lives was incredible. Though there were some challenging moments (I’m looking at our accidental 22 hour bus ride to Botswana) – ShareHim was an absolute blessing.” – Colette Mackojc

“This trip made me appreciate the blessings God has given me and it brought me closer to Him. I’ve experienced His love and care and His creation in a different way to what I have ever experienced. It made me realise that I need to give my whole life to Him and that without Him I am nothing. I am so excited to see where He takes me next.” – Raya Rantall

A highlight of the trip was when two of the members, James Davey and Colette Mackojc decided that if they had been preaching Jesus, and calling people to take a stand through baptism, then they too, should make that same commitment.

So later in the trip, while in Spain, they were surrounded by their fellow team members as they too, declared their love for God through baptism.