With students representing Primary and Secondary Campuses of metropolitan ASV schools crowding into the Nunawading Christian College’s gymnasium for two days of worship and fellowship, the atmosphere was electric. Around 800 students filled the gym with noise and expectation each day. The annual Combined Schools Day of Worship event gathered Primary students on Thursday August 10 and Secondary students on Friday August 11 to worship, share testimonies and be drawn towards a living Jesus. Our speaker, Simon Gigliotti (VICYouth Associate Director), shared personal stories as well as challenges from the word of God exploring the theme of Testimony: everybody has a story.
This year it was NCC’s turn to contribute items and drama to the program, while Heritage College shared worship music and Gilson Taylors Hill were hosts. Edinburgh College and GIlson Mernda shared a great diversity of drama to music, and spoken words. But a highlight again were the stories told by students across the spectrum of age, background and experience about the presence and power of Jesus Christ in their lives. Our service focus was ADRA’s partnership with Afri-Aus supporting refugee teens in adjusting to life in Australia.

Our theme – “Testify” encouraged our students to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to let their lives testify of the goodness of God.

And in keeping with the theme, one of the Grade 6 students from NCC, Arya, gave a moving testimony.  Here we a little of it with you:

“I grew up in a beautiful Hindu family.  Before I came to this school last year, I had heard of God, but knew absolutely nothing about Him.  I could barely believe what I was hearing in Bible class and in Chapel – God created us, has a plan for us and is interested in us… as His child I am deeply loved and special and that my life purpose is to serve Him and become all He created me to be….

Even though my family doesn’t pray to God and doesn’t believe, they don’t stop me from making my own choice.  I have chosen to follow Jesus, and believe H e is the one and only true God.

I have learnt to talk with God.  To pray to Him in rough times and happy, and when I feel alone.  He has taught me to believe in myself and to know my true value lies in knowing that I am His child.

I just want to tell God, that I love him and want to follow him for the rest of my life.