In July, the Darebin City Council visited Preston Church, with a view to learning more about our faith. Members shared our history, music and a delicious lunch with the 30+ visitors who came from the Council.

Thursday, July 27 was the day that Darebin City council came to visit our church, with an interest in our faith and what we believed.

This was an act of Holy providence with our humble church being selected from the vast array of other faiths in the local community to participate in this interfaith program.  People would be visiting us from various backgrounds, cultures and faiths, including community service providers, politicians and the council members.
36 visitors arrived by bus and the time just flew by.  The history of our faith was presented by Pr Vikram Panchal and elder, Bob Eales.  A beautiful healthy lunch was served by the ladies of Preston and I was asked to provide music. It warmed my heart to see Kevin Geelan the Resource Manager for Signs Publishing present with our spirit filled literature being made available.

It is not often our church is inundated with people of such diverse backgrounds and although our time was short it was nice to get involved with the community at large. The visit was well received and concluded with a special gift for each of our guests which consisted of the booklet Your friends The Seventh-day Adventists, the DVD Tell the World, as well as a gift from Signs Publishing to the City Council.

All glory to God for such a wonderful opportunity not only to share our faith, but to share Jesus and the Gospel of His tender love.

Sandra Wipiiti