First published May 30, 2020

The conclusion to this series on learning the key to becoming a multiplying disciple making movement going through Acts 3:1-10

Spirit and Fire


Share a time that you’ve experienced a miracle or an answer to prayer.

Praise and Worship




Digging Deeper

Reflect on the sermon today – did any ideas strike you that you’d like to comment on?

Read the account in Acts 3:1-10 once more; does anything in particular stand out to you?  Why?

Who are the “crippled beggars” in today’s society?  How can we help them?

The Holy Spirit empowered Peter and John. How does this same Holy Spirit empower us today?

What were you challenged by in today’s message?

Where have you seen the Holy Spirit use you for His service?

Where do you need to make adjustments in your life to make room for the Holy Spirit?


What lessons can you apply to your daily life from what we learnt?  

Commit to spending time alone or in 2’s or 3’s to pray for an outpouring of God’s spirit.