First aired  August 1, 2020

Human need each other to thrive. We will look at some of the current scientific literature on the benefits of a healthy community, how the early church grew as a result of Spirit-filled and Spirit-led community, and how this can be our experience today too. Join us as we explore this with Rosemary Adrykanus. 


Share a time where a community (church, school, work, sports club, singing group etc.) has really helped you.

What stood out to you in the sermon this week?



Digging Deeper

Read Acts 2:42-47 together and discuss each of the ways that the early church practiced “self-sacrifice”. 

For each one, ask yourself if this is something that we do today?   Discuss which ones are more important than others, and why.

To what extent should we be copying Acts 2 exactly? Why or why not?

List all the words “koinonia” encompasses that are above and beyond the list in Acts 2. (You can use google for this.)   

What do you and/or your church community do well and where could you improve?

The ideas of “koinonia” are often easier within a family. We often talk about our church family, yet we don’t always treat our church family the same as our biological family.  Discuss this idea.

How have you been able to maintain community during COVID-19 and the current restrictions? 

Share some stories of your work, your school or another community group you might be a part of.


Who are those socially isolated in your spheres of influence (think of specific people)?

How can you be “koinonia” to them this week?