Victorian Conference’s Two Newest Church Companies

On 18 June two new Church Companies were recognized by the Executive Committee, Bendigo Karen Company and Bundoora Company.

The Bendigo Karen Seventh-day Adventist Company commenced as a small group in 2010 with just 11 members who were attending the Bendigo Church. Today under the leadership of their minister Eh Paung, they have more than 70 members.

Bendigo is a regional city in which many migrants settle, and with an estimated 1700 Karen people living in the Bendigo region, the new Company is very well situated to be able to minister to these new Australian residents.

The Bundoora Seventh-day Adventist Company is a global mission sponsored project that has been led by Pr Vikram Panchal. Ground work commenced in early 2017, and the group began worshipping in October of that year. They are currently meeting with an attendance of about 35 people on the perimeter of the La Trobe University campus allowing direct access to the University students while also being connected to the local community.

The name “Bundoora” was chosen to reflect their missional desire to be equally focused on the campus of La Trobe and surrounding community, including RMIT. The suburb of Bundoora intersects three councils in Melbourne: Darebin City Council, Banyule City Council, and Whittlesea Council. Thus the potential of their work to encompass additional suburbs around Bundoora is extensive.

The Executive Committee were very pleased to be able to recognize the two Companies, along with their potential growth and ministry they will provide. Indeed, one of the best and most effective ways of growing God’s Church is through the planting of new churches, so if you feel God’s Spirit prompting you to plant a new church we would love to support you in doing so.

Craig Gillis
Conference Secretary

“Please pray that God will lead as these newly recognised church companies continue to work to reach people in their communities.”

Graeme Christian
Conference President