NGaire and Alan Holman of Warburton Church were recently acknowledged for their years of service to the local and church community. For twelve years, they have been the organisers for the Warburton Christian Playgroup held in the community centre. Thank you for your years of dedication.

Church members recently Acknowledged and thanked Ngaire and Alan Holman for their service to the Warburton Christian Playgroup.
Ngaire and Alan ran the Playgroup for an amazing twelve years and retired from this position at the end of June. The Playgroup was originally established when the Warburton Adventist School was still operational, as a way of making greater connections with the community. Once the school closed, Ngaire and Alan continued to facilitate the Playgroup sessions and over the past twelve years they have seen 302 different families come through their doors with 20 of those families being Adventist. 
The Playgroup has been community focused with regular sessions at AdventCare Yarra Ranges, connections with the local pre-school and primary school and visits from the mobile library. Playgroup BBQ’s were great fundraising events and from Ngaire’s initiative these funds were given to different projects around the community including a fish tank for AdventCare Yarra Ranges and money for the kitchen garden at Warburton Primary school. 
Ngaire and Alan have been so dedicated and faithful in their service to Playgroup. We value and appreciate the care, time and effort they have given!
Local pastor, Jody Eddy, along with assistance from Jan Rabe, is continuing to facilitate the playgroup sessions and keep this connection and service to the community alive.