Women’s Ministries is an active and growing department. With an annual conference, leadership and outreach training, seminars and workshops, a young girls conference and fundraising opportunities, this department helps women lift up Christ in their home and church lives.
We wish to thank Danijela Trajkov for her faithfulness” said Conference Secretary, Craig Gillis, “and for working over a period of many years to build this ministry up to what it is now. We trust that God will continue to bless her ministry as she continues in her pastoral role.”
Danijela grew up a third generation Adventist in the strongly communist country of Croatia. She was only six when she first felt God’s call to ministry. Life was not easy as a young Adventist, but God systematically opened doors and Danijela was able to complete her education at an Adventist high school and go on to study theology.
Ministry was and is a family business. Danijela and her husband Nick were working in Bosnia in 1993 when war broke out and the family was forced to flee. The Victorian Conference invited them to Melbourne, working with the Macedonian community. Danijela also volunteered in Women’s Ministries for six years before accepting the position of Director in 2003. Since then she has completed her Masters in Ministry and faithfully served the women of our state as well as pastoring a number of churches. She will continue to work with the Werribee church and Point Cook plant.
“I am happy to be passing on the directorship to Tarnya but my passion for Womens’ Ministries has in no way abated. I look forward to continuing to serve women as part of my role in my local churches.”
Tarnya Garner came to Australia from South Africa in 2008. God called her to ministry in 2015 and longing to fulfil His will in her life, she readily answered. She is currently studying an undergrad BMinTh through Avondale College.
“I am blessed with a wonderful husband, a loving daughter, two wonderful Step-daughters and an adorable step grandson. I have a passion for people and their needs, I enjoy playing Beach Volleyball, hiking and nature and love my family. ”
Welcome Tarnya.

“I am very excited about further advancing the missional potential of Women’s Ministries and am looking forward to reaching more of our women, empowering them to serve Christ more effectively.” Tarnya