Staff from Victorian Adventist Communications joined with other Conference and South Pacific Division communication staff from around Australia in July, for the first Australia wide communication advisory in a number of years.

Organised by the Australian Union Conference and hosted by Adventist Media, the talks revolved around the future of church communications, Church branding and adapting to digital technologies.

Pr Sam Neves, Associate Communications Director for the General Conference, was able to attend the two day think tank, shared with the other attendees some of the initiatives in communications that are taking place and gave an update on our new Adventist identity branding.

One of the purposes of this advisory was to explore possible collaboration between the conferences. Each person present bought something different to the communications table, and if we were to share resources and skills, exciting possibilities will become achievable, broadening the scope of the communications to include sharing our holistic hope that is grounded in biblical truth with the wider community.

The teams returned home committed to working together to present a unified identity across Australia in our social media presence and have begun with regular video discussions toward that end.