It was with great anticipation that Westpoint company applied to be considered for full church status in the Victoria conference, and they are very excited for the future now it has been approved.

Meeting in the auditorium of the St Albans Meadows Primary School, this congregation has a strong social ministry as it’s core outreach focus and their meetings combine traditional preaching with good fellowship and amazing Filipino food.  They hold regular Saturday night meetings that combine Bible study, preaching and fellowship. This ministry has resulted in close to twenty baptisms over the last few years.

The church also has a growing youth ministry that runs the worship on a quarterly basis, holds youth social events and has the mission to attract youth to Jesus.  This emphasis flows down to teen and child involvement in music worship, with free music lessons often held in the afternoon. 

Westpoint embraces a simple vision and mission as a basis for accountability in living out the gospel commission.  That vision is to be the face of Jesus Christ in their community. Through this vision they want to fulfil the mission of prayer, invitation to worship, nurture and fellowship of the community and fellow believers, and be a growing centre of influence in the west side of Melbourne.

Attendance has grown from 45 attendees at its formation to 85 attending services each week.

Next steps for Westpoint include continuing to grow and expand their influence in the west, and to continue in prayer for God to provide a permanent home for this rapidly expanding church. 

Justin Bone