As soon as we received the instruction that we could not worship at the church, we prayerfully discussed with our church leaders to earnestly request our Father in heaven to open ways for us.

God answered our prayer promptly through our church clerk who could handle the internet and live streaming.  And so with much prayer, on the friday night, we were able to stream our Friday Vespers.

All our church members were overwhelmed by the possiblitiy that and it could reach to thousands of Karen people.  We praised the Lord heartily for this blessing in disguise.

The next morning we streamed chruch and it was also successful so we were encouraged to continue with this every week.  After three weeks, God gave us more knowledge and skills and we changed the vespers & prayer meetings to ZOOM meetings so we can see each other face to face.

The Burmese congregation and our friends from the community also requested to join with us.  We thank God again that we could give time to Burmese at 10:00 am and Karen at 1:00 pm.  Moreover our friends around the world are viewing both languages and sending back messages to us.

We cant help but keep thanking God for these blessings in a time of trial.

Now, we confirmed our Sabbath program with: 10:00 am – Children program and Burmese adult Divine service ( both Live-Streaming);  12:00 pm – Karen SS class  (ZOOM); 1:00 pm – Karen adult Divine service (Live-Streaming); Children and adult Bible study classes during the week with “Messenger” by Time Table.

They are all healthy and happy in these programs. We also have our church board meeting and we have all agreed to communicate to each other and chatting with the whole church on Sundays 7:00 pm with whoever is available.

We also have 100 day prayer delivering the prayer request by emails and messenger.

Our God is wonderful as Lam 3:37 says (from Clear Word Bible).”No one cay make it happen unless God allows it. Good and evil alike are subjects to His command.” He gave us more time than before  to stay closer to Him in this dangerous time. We are saved and sound under His winds.

Pray that God will save our world churches, our country and our families. His will be done.

Nan Myat Kyaw