Saturday night, 16th June, was buzzing with excitement as over 320 kids and parents piled into the auditorium at Nunawading Christian College. The lights dimmed and Richard, known as the Mud Guy through his column in the Guide magazine, came on stage entertaining us with his jokes, scaring us with the loud noises, educating us with his immense knowledge and inspiring us all to embark on a dinosaur dig! What was most amazing was to learn when dinosaurs existed and how it fits into our understanding of the Bible. For kids and adults alike, it was a cementing of our understanding of the validity of the Bible.

At the end of the night, all Adventurers and Pathfinders were treated to a shark tooth, a badge and an honour patch they could attach to their sash.
“I liked the venus fly trap and when I got a big fright from it snapping closed on the fly.”
“I liked when the pretend dinosaur came onto the stage and Richard got a fright and then gave the dinosaur a mint.”
“I liked hearing the dinosaur’s stomping feet. I was wondering if a real dinosaur was going to come out.”